Drinking Water to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Drinking water is so beneficial and essential for our health and proper bodily functions. A lot of websites and magazine covers suggest multiple tips to make you drink more water throughout the day. Our cells are mostly water and it’s needed to replenish the water lost through sweating, body’s heating and flushing out the toxins on a continual basis. Drinking water is the most essential step to maintain your life after breathing. Water is the transporting system to provide all nutrients throughout the body organs and cells. It’s the most vital element for humans second to oxygen.

Drinking a glass of water is one of the simplest ways to decrease your anxiety and stress level. It has been proved via studies that drinking water is certainly linked with stress reduction. Here we are going to confer how water manages your anxiety and stress:

Manages Dehydration:

As we already discussed drinking water is essential for all organs, our brains also need water to work properly. All brain functions need adequate water supply to work efficiently. Dehydration is related with energy loss, increased hunger, fatigue and multiple aging symptoms. It affects performance of every body part but the brain needs it more than any other part of the body. Brain cells are about 85% of water and it needs enough continuous supply of water to work well. Brain cells use water to create energy along with water. Dehydration will lead you to be unable to think and act properly. If you can’t think well then you are more prone to stress, depression and anxiety. Manage dehydration to decrease stress and to think and work well.

Manages Cortisol:

Cortisol is an important hormone that releases by adrenal gland and is liable to multiple stress-related adjustments in the body. Managing Cortisol helps you think faster and makes you work more efficiently. It aids in regulating blood pressure and enhancing immune system in emotional or physical setbacks. Higher and prolonged cortisol levels harm your overall fitness and comfort and it’s needed to control its negative effects. Adequate water contributes in keeping cortisol levels healthy and under control.

Manages Weight:

Many health conscious people are stressed due to their excess weight or layers of fats around their midsection. This form of stress can also manage through an added glass of water every time you feel stressed for your weight. Water is a perfect fix to keep you feel full in order to consume lesser calories. Mostly people swap thirst with hunger and eat rather than drink. This leads to a heavier and lethargic you with excess fat that is hard to tackle. Avoid such situation and increase the water intake to prevent you from false cravings and huger. The more you drink water the more you become stress free.

Manages Chemical Reactions:

Water is an imperative factor of managing chemical reactions in your body. It manages all the chemical processes work on their fullest ranging from tissues healing to muscle recovery. Water lubricates the body, helps heart to pump blood efficiently and provide nutrients all over the body. Proper functioning of your body is also a matter of keeping you stressed and anxiety free. Other beverages including coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol can increase anxiety and dehydration. Limiting and replacing them with fresh water is a far better idea.

Guest author Bio:

Clara John is a blogger and fitness freak to spend her time in learning health techniques. She likes to share her Fitness Routines to improve general knowledge about health.

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